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Volunteer of the Year 2011/2012

USA Dance National
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District 6 - Chapter 4033 - Phoenix, Arizona – Sue Putzier

Sue Putzier is focused, dedicated and enthusiastic. As a member of the Phoenix Chapter she has served as Editor of the chapter newsletter since 2004 and also helps coordinate with the Outreach committee increasing the participation in local events including a developing a program for expanding public awareness at these public events.

Sue has influenced the Chapter Outreach to include the Arizona State Fair, the Chandler AZ Ostrich Festival, Tempe Center for the Arts and a charitable event against teen date violence.

Sue is also an integral part of the chapter competition committee, which includes local competitions in addition to the Phoenix NQE securing and coordinating volunteers.

In addition Sue has contributed articles to American Dancer magazine and has represented the chapter on several occasions at national and regional meetings.

The Phoenix chapter is proud to nominate Sue Putzier as the Volunteer of the Year as she enthusiastically supports and inspires others with her dedication, knowledge and experience.

Honorable mention:

Nominated by District 8 from Greater Columbia Chapter 6032, Arnell Coker serves as the chapter's Director of Programs and Entertainment, as music director he selects the playlist for their bi-monthly dances which is projected on the wall in addition to helping set up for the dances. He spearheaded the chapter's charitable event raising $2000, for the American Diabetes Association coordinating showcases with three local dance studios and soliciting items for a silent auction. Tireless and energetic he deserves to be commended.

Nominated by District 9 from Greater Daytona Chapter 6026, Jean Krupa serves as the chapter Treasurer and recently stepped down as Newsletter Editor. She spearheaded the chapters Wounded Warrior Appreciation Ball which raised $2450. In addition, to participating in the chapters outreach activities, she has created flyers and a looped infomercial for the Health Fair and she organizes two statewide social dance weekend events, bringing social dancers together for workshops and a yearly District Presidents' meeting. The District Committee was adamant that although she has a National title Jean has not stopped supporting or taking an active part in her local chapter and deserves to be recognized as the volunteer of the year.

The award for National Volunteer of the Year and National Chapter of the Year were presented at the National Chapter Conference in Dallas, Texas on March 3rd.