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USA Dance Chapter Workshops

American Dancer
Date Published:
September 10, 2011

USA Dance Chapter Workshops

Workshops with multi-level classes give an opportunity for chapters to expand membership by providing beginning dance lessons. At the same time, current members may attend classes based on each person’s technical dance level. Workshops, however, do not have to be just about improving technical skills. The most popular workshops are also about having fun.

Darlene Forbes, vice president of the USA Dance Tacoma Chapter #1023, said the workshop organized by her chapter is an enjoyable and social event. Participants learn in ballroom classes during the day and let loose in the evening at the dance. “Participants say that this is the best event in the area and keep coming back year after year. I would like to thank our chapter volunteers for the continued support of this event.”

The following USA Dance chapters will be hosting dance workshop events in the coming months.

Tacoma, Washington

Grand Dance Extravaganza: Tribute to the Big Band Era

Where? South Park Community Center—4851 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma

Who is running it? USA Dance Tacoma Chapter #1023 has co-hosted the event with Metro Parks Tacoma for 8 years.

About how many participants are expected? Forty people are expected to attend the workshops and 80 people for the dance in the evening.

When? Saturday, Oct. 1, 2010.

What classes are being offered? Classes will be taught in ballroom, Latin, salsa, night club 2-step, Argentine tango, and swing.

What is unique about this camp/workshop? This day camp is a fun way for people to meet and work with local instructors. Qualified teachers from the area will teach the workshops while making them fun and educational. Because the chapter is doing a fundraiser for MPT Youth, the band is free. Attendees will dance to a live swing band, youth dancers will perform, and Jack and Jill competitions and dance mixers will be held.

Tidewater, Virginia

New Years Eve Magical Extravaganza

Where? The event this year will be held at the Sheraton Waterside Hotel on the Elizabeth River, in Norfolk, VA. This will be the third year the event has been held at this venue. All events will be held at the hotel.

Who is running it? The event is run by the Tidewater (Virginia) Chapter, USA Dance, Inc #6008 operating from Virginia Beach, VA.

About how many participants are expected? This year 700 students are expected to attend the 54 workshops that will be conducted. Several years the chapter has held up to 60-65 workshops, and around 800-900 students attended.

When? Thursday, Dec. 29, 2011 through Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012.

What classes are being offered? Classes in American and International styles will be provided, as well as all the ballroom dances in all skill levels. We also hold Theater Arts workshops and a number of specialty workshops, which are 75 minutes in length.

What is unique about this camp/workshop? The camp is four straight days of dancing. People come from all over the country to participate, sometimes to train with a specific teacher. Private lessons are available from all the participating instructors. Vendors provide various services including shoes (over 2000 pairs available), jewelry, clothing, and massages. A Dinner Dance will be held Thursday followed by a New Years Eve Dance on Saturday. The New Year is also celebrated with a champagne toast at midnight.