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New Dance Partners: Usa Dance and Dance Notions

Ivor Lee
Date Published:
January 1, 2013

So maybe you're new to a city and you're looking to improve your dancing skills. Maybe you already know your way around the dance floor but you're looking for somewhere to dance. Or maybe you're a chapter president looking to improve your chapter's web presence. Thanks to the recent partnership between USA Dance and Dance Notions, the owners of, your work is now a lot easier.

Around 14 years ago Dance Notions, the creators of recognized a shift in the way people accessed information about ballroom, and sought to create a place where the whole ballroom industry could collaborate and share information about lessons and places to dance in the United States. From these humble beginnings, has become one of the most popular go-to sites when searching for places to dance, lessons, and even dance jobs on search engines like; generating over 90,000 consistent visitors a month. Now working with USA Dance, chapters across the country can take advantage of the network created by AccessDance by posting their chapter's information and activities.

"The great thing about the new USA Dance web marketing program is that the chapters fit very naturally into this core usage base; local dance lessons and activities pages as they are, for the majority, social in nature and cater to as wide an audience as possible," said Ben Moseley, President of Dance Notions and founder of

The USA Dance Chapter Marketing Program

All chapters in USA Dance can take advantage of three different levels of marketing available from Each level has its own unique features and benefits. Your chapter will be able to choose the level you feel is most suitable to help your chapter reach its goals.

Bronze – Your chapter already has access to the bronze level of participation on All chapters in USA Dance have access to a "showcase" listing that lets visitors contact your chapter via email, visit your chapter's website, or check out the latest issue of American Dancer.

Silver – With the silver level your chapter has the ability to add content to your showcase. You will be able to add articles of interest, chapter activities, photos, and videos. Under your direction, this content is then promoted on AccessDance. You will also be able to view requests by visitors looking for dance opportunities in your area and respond to them at your convenience.

Gold – For those chapters that struggle with the technical aspects of creating or maintaining a website, this option offers a wide array of services. Gold adds the Bronze and Silver levels as well as providing a website that is simple to use and transfer from board to board. Additionally, tech support from Dance Notions is only a phone call away. All these marketing benefits do require active participation on the part of your chapter, so you'll need to appoint someone to manage this program.

25% of all chapters have opted for Gold, posting over 350 events, 250 classes, 240 articles, and almost 400 photos and 230 videos to their websites. "With this kind of success," Moseley says, "we expect to build a smart phone app later this year to help dancers locate chapter information even easier."

Don't miss out on this opportunity to put your chapter on the map and get more people dancing with USA Dance! Make your life easier by contacting the staff at Dance Notions today.