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National Ballroom Dance Week 2012

Michael Mecham
Date Published:
November 1, 2012

National - Of or relating to a nation; common to or characteristic of a whole nation.
Ballroom - A large room used for dancing.
Dance - A series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music.
Week - A period of seven days.

Put them all together and what do you get? A memorable event filled with lots of fun, laughter, and a whole lot of dance!

The 2012 Nation Ballroom Dance Week was an incredible success. Dozens of chapters held events in which hundreds of people gathered together to celebrate ballroom dance.

USA Dance has been celebrating National Ballroom Dance Week since 1989, but in the mid 1980s
President Ronald Reagan actually declared the third week of September as National Ballroom Week. Some people feel that the First Lady may have had some influence on this decision, but both Ronald and Nancy Reagan were public supporters of ballroom dance during their years during their years in the White House.

During the same time that several thousand participants were celebrating NBDW, approximately 18 million people watched Pamela Anderson and Tristan McManus get voted off "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars." Ballroom dance is absolutely growing in popularity throughout the country and NBDW is a wonderful tool that is helping to increase that popularity.

By Ron Wright

The weather was great. Perfect time of the day for some of the best Dance Exhibitions Indianapolis has to offer.

The Artsgarden is a beautiful glass-domed structure located in the middle of downtown Indianapolis, situated above Washington Street and Meridian Street – two of the busiest streets in downtown Indy. The Artsgarden is also attached to the largest indoor malls in the downtown area.

Our dance exhibitions were scheduled from 3-4pm. No one was scheduled after us so we had plenty of time. It was probably the busiest time of the day for shopping. There was also an upper balcony/walkway where people could stand
and watch.

The Artsgarden provided us with a large area to dance as well as a technician to play the music at no charge. David and Guna Rogers started off the show with a beautiful Rumba (Guna had a great Latvian song selected for the routine). Larry Gogel and Barbara Cameron followed with an East
Coast Swing.

As our dance exhibitions continued, we had Anna Kovalyova and Roland Hodges perform an exciting Argentine Tango. Marvin and Greta Bechtel finished our first show with a beautiful waltz. Announcements were made and flyers were
handed out.

Starting off our second set of exhibitions were Indianapolis and Heartlands 2012 senior smooth and nine-dance National Champions Rog and Amy Greenawalt performing a mambo. Larry Gogel and his partner Uma Chaluvadi followed with a Rumba. Marvin and Greta were back again with a very cute West Coast Swing. David and Guna Rogers were up next with a lively Cha Cha. Suresh and Lauren Nair, who met at our dances and recently married, entertained us with a beautiful standard waltz. Our champions Roger and Amy Greenawalt finished our show with the romantic Bolero.

We handed out more flyers with our October dance listed on one side and our calendar of next year's dances listed on the opposite side. We also coaxed some of the audience members to come up and dance with us. I came along to help where needed and was asked to MC for the show.

All the dancers had a great time, and the crowd seemed to have a great time as well. We have already reserved the Artsgarden for November 24th from 1-2pm. Please come join us and have some
fun too!

Desert Dancer Chapter #5017
By Tim Sayers

Greeting from West Texas, more specifically El Paso. You know, that town made so famous in the 1960's by Marty Robbins.

We are known for many things, such as the origination of the Rocky Mountains, more than 300 annual days of sunshine, Rosa's Cantina, the origin of the Margarita and wonderful places for things to do, including dance. There are so many dance participation and instruction opportunities here in El Paso, that in 2013 the City Council will proclaim our wonderful city, "City of Dance". Speaking of dance, we had two wonderful formal dances this month. One a very special charity ball sponsored by local U.S. Border Patrol stations and the other was a celebration of National Ballroom Week sponsored by Desert Dancers chapter # 5017. There were more than seven dozen dancers dressed in their finery. They danced and danced to music provided by a terrific DJ who played a great variety of music. A splendid dinner was catered by OPUS, a local fine bistro owned by Chef Michael Ross. To give those tripping the light fantastic a chance to rest their tender tootsies, a raffle was held offering some fun prizes. Our celebration was preserved in time by a professional photographer, who was available for individual portraits. More events are in the works including our annual Christmas Ball. Why not come join us here in "America's Safest City"? We'll dance your socks off.

Southwest Florida Chapter #6049
By Don Davenport

National Ballroom Dance Week, Celebration at Riverside, Sunday September 23rd.

Yoshie and Don kicked off the program with an "Introduction To A Waltz Snowball Mixer." They were quickly joined on the floor by the audience and the fun never stopped!

Talk About Spot Lights!
The chapter has came a long way since instituting its programs at Riverside and Four Freedoms Park. When we wanted to schedule dance performances we had to call on our affiliated dance studios for help. While we love our studios, it's so nice to be able to share the skills of our chapter dancers!

HOW ABOUT THE "HAPPY FEET DANCE TEAM"? The Happy Feet Folks never quit. Not only were they out in the community bringing the joy of dance to those that aren't able to enjoy this part of an active life style, but they gathered to perform at our various functions during National Ballroom Dance Week. Indeed the Spirit of Dance brings happiness to all! Grand job "HAPPY FEET" folks!!

Williamsburg VA CHAPTER #6009 "Our 2012 National Ballroom Dance Week event was a huge success! Thank you to all that came out and enjoyed great workshops and an awesome Tea Dance. We look forward to planning an even bigger and better event next year."

Capital District New York Chapter #3014 "The Capital Applejacks & Jills, a lindy hop performance group from Albany, NY, performed the Lindy Chorus routine at Colonie Mall for USA Dance's National Ballroom Week."