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President's Report September-October 2012

Lydia T. Scardina, President, USA Dance
Date Published:
August 31, 2012

Many USA Dance chapters are working hard to attract new members and provide dance services in the form of beginner lessons, social dances, and more advanced lessons, workshops and competitions so that our members keep coming back.

Additionally, the general public is taking an increased notice of our chapters around the country and the opportunities they provide for ballroom dancing within their communities. The Access Dance Network is one of the reasons.

Our chapters and members will recall that the Governing Council voted to begin using the services of Access Dance/Dance Notions to help grow ballroom dancing in local communities and point interested potential dancers to our local chapters. This program commenced in January of 2012, and as we continue to evaluate the progress of this program, there is no doubt that it is attracting attention.

Here are some interesting statistics from the last two reporting months of June and July 2012:

In June, 6,872 internet views were generated by people choosing to click and read more about one of the 168 USA Dance chapters being promoted via Access Dance; 717 of those people clicked on through to visit one of our chapter websites.

In July, 7,295 views were generated because someone clicked for more information about one of the 169 USA Dance chapters being promoted via Access Dance; with 872 people clicking through to chapter websites.

Of course not everyone who clicks through to a chapter's website or takes the step to e-mail or call a chapter ends up attending a chapter event or becoming a new chapter member, but some do. The fact remains that all these people are interested in learning about ballroom dancing opportunities in their communities and are using the site to begin their search for places to take ballroom dance lessons and go dancing.

Beyond all of our USA Dance chapters continuing to have the basic Bronze package, as of writing this report, 11 chapters have upgraded to start participating at the Silver level. At the Gold Level, Access Dance has already launched over 20 websites for our chapters, and is currently in development of 8 more; furthering our goal of creating uniform, more attractive and informative websites, and an ever-growing number of chapters are taking advantage of this opportunity.

We congratulate the chapters that have taken the plunge and are using the services afforded them via Access Dance. For those chapters that have not yet availed themselves of these services, it is not too late to start, as each month provides a new opportunity to jump in and get involved in the effort to grow our organization and the dance activities we offer to all our members.