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Magazine » September October 2011 Issue

September October 2011 Issue

Featuring First Step, Dance Workshops, and Batons and Ballroom. Issue 32

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USA Dance Chapter Workshops - September 10, 2011

Workshops with multi-level classes give an opportunity for chapters to expand membership by providing beginning dance lessons.

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Amateurs vs. Pros, How different are they really? - September 10, 2011

Let's look at a couple of stereotypical views. The first is that Amateurs of all ages are hobbyists who dance just for fun, who dance in their spare time and do not earn an income from their hobby.

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the Public Eye - September 10, 2011

The USA Dance website is our member’s best resource and archive of all important matters concerning our members – both social and dancesport.

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Dine – Dance - Dream - September 10, 2011

Keeping balance in the rigorous ballroom world can become quite complicated at times. Add that to the media entourage about what we should and shouldn't eat, and the confusion can skyrocket.

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Beyond The Physical - September 10, 2011

After dancing together for a couple of weeks, months or years, you and your partner have finally decided to compete for the first time.

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Batons and Ballroom - September 10, 2011

The United States was awarded the hosting of the 2011 World Baton Twirling Federation International Cup August 4-7 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA at the Jacksonville Veteran's Memorial Arena.

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Beyond Individuals - September 10, 2011

As the couples line up in matching brilliantly styled, sequined dresses and shirts, the college-aged crowd waits expectantly. The girls all match each other - not a freak accident requiring a frantic change of wardrobe - and the guys, though differi