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Book Review

Shawn Fisher
Date Published:
November 1, 2012

I would absolutely recommend this book to anybody, not just dancers. Dance partner, co-worker, mother, daughter, father, son, friend, or significant other – if you fall into one of these categories, this book can offer additional insights into dealing with relationships and improving your own character and attitude.
The language used in the book makes the principles and concepts very easy to follow and understand. There is humor scattered throughout the pages to keep the tone lighthearted and conversational. While the information is profound enough to be found in a college textbook, the way it is written makes it read more like a novel.

The 3 "R"s of Relationship Fitness are Respect, Responsibility, and Responsiveness. These foundational concepts are discussed through a variety of dance scenarios that show the practical application and potential positive effects of applying these into our lives both on and off the dance floor.

The authors of this book, Arthur & Elizabeth Seagull, are psychologists and relationship counselors and they also happen to be amateur competitive dancers and members of USA Dance. Not only do Arthur and Elizabeth shine on the dance floor, but also in the eyes of many of those who have read their book.
Here's what a few other people had to say after reading their book.

"This book is as much about human relationships as it is about dancing…As the North American book reviews editor of a major journal, I rarely come across a book that is both powerful and accessible and has the potential both to teach and entertain as does "Ballroom Dancing is not for Sissies." Brava, bravo." – J.P. McKinney

"Good dancing can lead to good other things. Ballroom Dancing is Not for Sissies: An R-Rated Guide for Partnership is a guide for couples to increase trust in one another and improve their moves on the dance floor, and that these experiences will enrich the relationship both on the dance floor but in other areas of life. "Ballroom Dancing is Not for Sissies" is a read that may save many relationships." – Midwest Book Review

"This book is a must-read – I highly recommend it – kudos to you, Elizabeth and Arthur - and thank you so much for making your wonderful wisdom a part of my life!" – Heather Diodati