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Book Reviews May/June 2013

Jean Krupa and Michael Mecham

Man of Confi-Dance

By: Raoul Weinstein

Reviewed by Jean Krupa

Raoul takes us on a winding tale as we learn how dance has transformed him into a man of confi-dance and how others can learn confidence by becoming a ballroom dancer.

This book is not just for men, though. I felt a little conspicuous reading it and was reassured that this book is also for women, a great gift to give to that man in your life, be it son, brother, nephew, friend, boyfriend or husband.

It is filled with wonderful quotes about dance at the beginning of each chapter.Men can learn that by enriching their lives through dance they can make the women in their lives happier, raise their own self-esteem and possibly see the world.

Written by a USA Dance member, past competitor, now a social dancer and seasoned dance host at sea and on land.

Sharing his love of ballroom dancing, he takes us on his journey to become a man of confi-dance and make each dance an enjoyable experience for his partner of the dance.

Etiquette, proper behavior, manner of speech, dress, courtesy and dance ability, floor craft, awareness of your partners abilities are all tools of the trade for the man of confi-dance.

The book is interspersed with information on health benefits, social benefits and coping with some
of life disappointments.

The Dancing Goddesses

By: Elizabeth Wayland Barber

Reviewed by Michael Mecham

Delightfully educational. Barber does an excellent job capturing the imagination in these historical accounts and descriptions. I can honestly say this is one of the few "history" books I have wanted to read. This is an absolute must read for anyone who is interested in folkdance or dance history. The additional details that are added through pictures, drawings and detailed descriptions really bring the information to life. Overall it is an incredibly interesting book.

Dancing For Fun:
Group Dancing For All Ages & Dancing For Fun: Intermediate Group Dancing

By: Mark L. Greathouse

Reviewed by Michael Mecham

The titles of these books say it all: Fun! The piano melodies and dances in these books can be done with a wide variety of skill levels and group sizes. Some of the music is complicated enough that an intermediate pianist may have some trouble, but each book includes a CD and DVD so no pianist is necessary. The dances are described well in the book, but sometimes even well-written instructions can be difficult to understand. However the included discs make the steps easy to understand and follow. There is definitely some fun and different choreography and plenty of songs to choose a few favorites.