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Magazine » May June 2012 Issue » American American EXCLUSIVE: Elegance, Timing, Precision, Movement

American American EXCLUSIVE: Elegance, Timing, Precision, Movement

Michael Mecham
Date Published:
May 1, 2012

Pietro Meloni and Thomas Huggler are two representatives from Swiss watchmaker Ernest Borel, a new national sponsor for USA Dance. They shared some of their hopes for their future with USA Dance and the reasons that lead to this partnership in ballroom dancing.

Pietro is from Switzerland and is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Ernest Borel. Thomas lives in Boston and is the Business Development Manager for the United States.

American Dancer- Can you tell me a little bit about the watches that you make?

Pietro Meloni- We have couples watches for ladies and gents, but its also part of our logo. This is part of why we associate ourselves with USA Dance, is because our logo is a couple dancing. History tells us that Ernest Borel was dancing at a ballroom event and that a couple was dancing so well and so beautifully that everyone was just watching them and staring at them. A photographer back in the 1900s took a picture of that moment and that became the logo of our brand.

AD- Where are you hoping this partnership will go with USA Dance?

PM-We really believe strongly that there is a match between USA Dance and our watches—our history. As I told you, the logo, the dancing couples, they belong together. So our idea would be to have a very long-term relationship with USA Dance. It's just a natural fit. Both of them are about elegance, timing, movement, it all goes together: the dancing and the watches.

Thomas Huggler- We are not really looking to use this sponsorship as a sales tool. That's not the purpose here. What's really more exciting is that natural fit of the beauty, elegance, and precision, and we'll see where it leads.

AD- Why did you choose your watches?

PM- I like the moon face. I have all the information I need: the day, the date, and the hour. It's very simple but very elegant at the same time. That's why I chose this one. It's a chronometer, which is a certified watch with a very high precision level.

TH- I'm an avid racecar driver and I like the machinery aspect of things so I like a lot of hands moving and doing things on the dial. When I'm in the field visiting retailer jewelers, this piece is essentially what the firm is all about, what the idea of the design is; not too big, not too small, just the perfect fit. You can use it with a suit; you can use it with your jeans. It is always complimentary.

AD- How would someone get a hold of an Ernest Borel timepiece if they aren't near a jeweler?

TH- We continue to do things very differently and we are not, nor will we be available on the internet. What you can do is call the head office in the United States by calling 877-566-1824 or go our website and send an email to and we will respond. We will personally handle the inquiry.