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Magazine » March April 2012 Issue » Volunteering for your Health & Happiness

Volunteering for your Health & Happiness

Jean Krupa, Social VP
Date Published:
March 1, 2012

It shouldn't surprise you to learn that among the happiest people are those that volunteer in some fashion. Volunteering means you spend time with others, and it also takes your mind off your own worries. I t also increases your self-worth and pride in your community.

Studies have shown that altruism has an effect on the brain that is similar to that of sugar and cocaine. It creates feelings of well-being, along with an addictive feedback loop that encourages people to keep doing it. Volunteers are also known to be healthier, tend to weigh less and even less likely to suffer a heart attack. So, why not commit to become a volunteer for a set period of time, volunteer to help at the check-in desk, clean up after a dance or bring a plate of snacks to share at your chapter dance, whether it's once a week, bi-monthly or just once a month.

Higher levels of satisfaction are found among people that spend time with friends. Every friend you make increases your chances of being happy by 9%. You may ask, "where can I find new friends?" Join a club dedicated to arts, exercise and hobbies. Arts, exercise and hobby can all be found in the dictionary to describe ballroom dancing. How lucky are we to be involved in an activity that has so much to offer, and is good for you too.