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Magazine » Why USA Dance? What does it really offer to our community?

Why USA Dance? What does it really offer to our community?

Don Davenport, President SW Florida Chapter 6049 (If you don't know us, we are the President and 1st Lady (Don & Yoshie Davenport) of your Southwest Florida Chapter 6049 of USA Dance Inc. We want to know you and share our thoughts about "Why USA Dance". Check out the Chapter web-site
Date Published:
October 19, 2016

First of all, most of us think about dancing as a night out, maybe a dinner dance, our local club such the Elks, Moose, VFW, American Legion or just a special night spot we enjoy. That's FUN and that's what dancing is all about, right? Well maybe. After all, I always considered myself a pretty good barroom dancer.

After taking ballroom dance lessons at variousdance studio's and learning many lovely figures that I usually forgot or seldom had the opportunity to dance with others, sometimes including my partner I felt there must be a better way. That's when we discovered the local chapter of USADance. Not only did they hold social dances but they participated in community activities that fostered the growth and enjoyment of dance. There were "Black-tie Balls", dance showcases, competitive dancing, social dances with dancelessons to introduce the novice dance to this new world. Needless to say I was overjoyed to find this organization.

Then I came face to face with the facts that somebody has to run this organization and it's all based on VOLUNTEERS! What an eye-opener. Being a retired military guy you can imagine what I thought about volunteering. Foolishly, I jumped right in and there were a squad of folks that worked very hard to make things right, and the few worked hard so the many could enjoy the WORLD OF BALLROOM DANCE.

This group improvised and tried different ways to make the joy of dance spread and then, suddenly an eye-opener, we found that the National organization of USA Dance had many tried and proven methods of furthering the mission, "To Improve the Quality and Quantity of BallroomDance in the United States of America".

As I studied these resources one dramatic fact came out, dancing is good for your health, physically, mentally, socially you name it. This is not just for us elders but for everyone.

Well, it's a little late in life for me to become a doctor but this is where I can contribute to my community, not just to further my own passion fordance but to share with as many folks as possible a happy and FUN way to good health.

Let's face it, dancing is not yet an Olympic Sport but it's on it's way! As you read your copy of the "American Dancer" magazine note how many true ATHLETES there are in this sport. We can not all be athletes, but we can enjoy recreational social dancing throughout our lives and encourage others to do the same!

You can make a difference! Join USA Dance, volunteer some of your time in helping others enjoy this sport and most of all DANCE!!

If you want to do that something that can make a difference in the dance community, just reply to this email or call me.


Don Davenport, President
SW Florida Chapter 6049
USA Dance Inc