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USA Dance 2013 National Elections for Term 2014-2016



Yang Chen

From my first steps as a ballroom dancer in 1987 I have loved every minute, grateful for all the joy, friendships and memories dancing has brought me. USA Dance has been a huge part of that happy experience.

Currently I am the Executive Director of a non-profit membership organization representing Asian American lawyers in New York. I was an attorney specializing in antitrust and complex commercial litigation before that. In my spare time, I have served on the Board of the Greater New York Chapter of USA Dance since 1994 and have been Chapter President since 2004. In that capacity, I have helped to make my chapter one of the largest and strongest in the nation. It has been recognized as Top Chapter in the Northeast and the entire country. I am also co-organizer of the Manhattan Amateur Classic, one of the biggest and best DanceSport competitions
in America.

I intend to apply my experience, knowledge and skills from being a USA Dance chapter leader for nearly two decades and my professional background as an attorney and non-profit executive to strengthen the national organization. I will work hard to make sure that USA Dance continues making dance a fun, fulfilling and rewarding part of your life, whether you are young or old, newcomer or long-time dancer, social or competitive, amateur or professional.

USA Dance has great potential. As National President, I will lead USA Dance to realize that potential, to serve its members and chapters, to be a positive force for the national community of dancers.

We need a strong team to reach our goals so I am running with Shawn Fisher for Senior VP, Michael Brocks for Treasurer and Greg Warner for Secretary. Connect with us on-line at
Vote for us. United We Dance.


I am running for re-election to the position of National President and am asking for your support.

I have held numerous positions in USA Dance: Chapter President, Regional VP, National Senior VP, and I have been the National President since December, 2009.

I have an advanced degree in Political Science and worked for many years in the field of human resources management and labor relations, where I was responsible for negotiating a variety of labor agreements for several cities.

As President, I represent USA Dance in meetings of the USOC and the WDSF, serve as a national spokesperson, maintain insurance for the organization, have put in place a background security screening program for officials and volunteers, direct and oversee the national budget, and provide guidance and direction to staff and volunteers.

My successes include the protection of USA Dance's status as an autonomous NGB of DanceSport following the separation from the NDCA, the forging of an excellent relationship with the USOC, enabling USA Dance to obtain legal assistance from the USOC to help overturn the suspension of athletes by the WDSF, and the development of USA Dance's first Junior World Team Dance Camp using USOC facilities and staff.

If re-elected, my goals are to 1) continue to expand chapter and member services, 2) forge an ever closer partnership with the USOC, and 3) increase fundraising so that monies are available for athlete development, expanded dance opportunities for students in K-12 schools, and the hiring of an executive director so that USA Dance may begin to rely on a professional executive staff as well as its team of national volunteers. With your support and your vote, these goals can be achieved.

For more information, please visit my Blog at:



I started ballroom dancing when I was 18 and have never stopped. I "converted" my wife to ballroom dancing after we got married and now all seven of our children dance. It has been a rewarding experience for me as well as them. For this reason I have been a volunteer with USA Dance, college programs and youth groups for almost 25 years.

Currently I serve as a DanceSport Council Member in charge of Collegiate Competitions and have served as Editor-in-Chief for American Dancer magazine the past seven years.

I have spearheaded many changes and improvements on both of these projects. The Collegiate Championships have grown from one conference room and 300 participants into one of the largest competitions that USA Dance offers with close to 900 participants and 40+ universities participating. I also founded and am the organizer of the National Youth Formation Showdance championships with more than 1,000 youth participating.

I hold a faculty position at BYU-Idaho supervising the ballroom dance program where 2,000 students are enrolled in ballroom classes yearly. My volunteer experience outside of USA Dance includes over 20 years with the Boy Scouts of America and also work in leadership positions within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

From these experiences I have learned the importance of volunteers, and that everyone has something to give that will help build the organization. We can advance by involving and listening to more people.

I feel privileged and excited to be on the ticket with the team of Yang Chen (for President), Greg Warner (for Secretary), and Michael Brocks (for Treasurer). I feel as a group we can move USA Dance forward into the future. Please go to to follow the election and ask us questions. Our Facebook page is VOTE United We Dance.


I have been Senior Vice President for four years, and my wife, Diane, and I are avid competitive ballroom dancers. Hobbies have been in my blood since I was very young - music, scouts, computers, stamps, folk dance, tennis, automobiles, photography - and now ballroom dancing. Currently I'm a member of the Photographic Society of America, Ferrari & BMW Clubs and a USA Dance DanceSport member.

Whenever hobbies started capturing my fascination, I immediately joined the "club". Not only to associate with others with like interests, but to show my support for an activity that occupied so much of my time.

Hobbies are a part of me - I love being involved!

As Orange County President for 10 years, I have led the chapter to set itself apart from typical dance studios by creating unique social and competitive events. Our Nixon Library Grand Ball is the largest of its kind in Southern California, and the Southwest Regional NQE is one of the oldest sanctioned competitions in the US.

As National Senior VP, my main function has been tackling special projects, primarily upgrading our technology. I have led the creation of our unified web-package which better empowers chapters in sharing their activities and benefits of membership with local communities. The new membership system has been a most challenging project, but a necessary step for our growing organization. Though a difficult transition, continued development will greatly enhance tracking, reporting and security capabilities, making them superior to any in the past.

Aside from technology, I championed the creation of team memberships, to better fill the needs of local community, school and college dance groups. And, I'm pushing towards vastly improved national/chapter communications. The more people involved, the better for any organization.

I would be honored to continue as your Senior Vice President!



I own an accounting firm in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

A Certified Public Accountant for over 30 years, I have extensive experience in the not-for-profit world. My firm has many 501(c)3 corporations as clients and accordingly I am very familiar with not only the accounting requirements but the plethora of rules and regulations concerning arms-length transactions and private benefit. Many hospitals and charities have retained us to serve as advisors to their boards on various charitable accounting and forensic matters. As tax preparers we are very familiar with the charitable rules from the donor's perspective and understand what donors expect from the donee charity.

My wife and I have three grown children (a lawyer, a teacher and a law student) and are social dancers. We have served as volunteers and board members on many charities. Our volunteer work has historically been with at-risk children, having served for many years as foster parents and mentors.

As your Treasurer I am committed to providing the following:

• Streamlining Chapter reporting requirements.

• Building Chapter Support Teams comprised of USA Dance Inc. members willing to offer advice on financial matters. We will welcome their input and create organized forums to share ideas and implement
Best Practices.

• Revenue Enhancement: We will actively seek out ways to increase revenues in the areas of sponsorship, advertising and fundraising.

• Resources: We will be directing efforts to focus
on Chapter support including increasing and
retaining members.

Together with my running mates, we will implement our plans in an open and transparent manner, working closely with regional and Chapter leaders, to share our collective knowledge and experience for everyone's benefit. Learn more about us at


"I would like to serve one more term as National Treasurer."

USA Dance is unique and very fortunate in its ability to attract dedicated volunteers who devote enormous amounts of time and energy to its volunteer activities. I am one of those volunteers.

As part of the national team since 1997, I served as Corporate Secretary, Senior Vice President, President and currently as Treasurer. My goal has been to help USA Dance be the leading dance organization in the U.S.

As Treasurer for the past four years, I have improved the efficiency of the annual audit process, modernized bookkeeping procedures, streamlined the annual budget process, and implemented new chapter level requirements.

In recent years I have spent significant amounts of time working with banks and chapter treasurers to update bank accounts. I call that project "Keeping it Legal". Our nonprofit status depends on that as the IRS closely monitors the finances of 501 (c)(3) organizations. I have also worked to register USA Dance in all states where we have chapters, which is necessary for chapters working to attract donations and grants.

A vote for me ensures there is a corporate officer who understands this fact: "USA Dance is its members". I know how to manage the corporate side, work with chapter challenges and preserve and use our valued tax exempt status to insure our place in the dance community.

Vote for me and I will continue to serve as your Corporate Treasurer with the dedication and passion I have brought to USA Dance since first becoming a member in 1995. I have never lost sight of the USA Dance mission, and we are currently in a unique position to take advantage of increased public awareness and enthusiasm for dance.

Vote for Esther Freeman - A VOTE FOR USA DANCE.



My name is Greg Warner and I am running for National Secretary of USA Dance. I have been completing Stan Andrews' term, having been appointed by President Lydia Scardina to this position on June 1, 2013.

I have been active in USA Dance for the past ten years. I have served on our local board for five years and have been President of Chapter 2017 in Southern Minnesota for 3 years. I have also been the Area Coordinator for District 2 for the past 3 years.

I am excited for the opportunity to serve and continue serving USA Dance. I have extensive experience with 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) organizations. The former with Mayo Clinic for over 30 years and the latter with the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) of which I was a founding board member.

I retired from Mayo Clinic on April 30, 2012, after serving in several leadership positions including Chief Human Resources Officer and, for the last 15 years, as Chief Compliance Officer. With HCCA, I served in several leadership roles including President in 2001.

Other experiences I bring include serving as Commissioner, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport; President, Rochester Airport Company; and, recently I was elected to the Pipe Lakes Protection and Rehabilitation District in Polk County Wisconsin.

I have the time and energy to commit to USA Dance and I feel my extensive experiences will allow me to make valuable contributions. I have worked extensively in team environments and value diversity of thought and opinion.

I would appreciate your support and welcome opportunities to discuss how we as an organization can continually improve USA Dance for all dancers.



I am the current National Social Dance Vice President for USA Dance, a position I have held for five years. In my first year in this position I organized the National Chapter Conference, designed to bring chapter officials together and learn how to make chapters run smoothly, increase membership, recruit volunteers and learn how to properly run a chapter.

Dance Cruise organizer was added to my responsibility the following year. USA Dance will be holding both it's 5th Dance Cruise this year cruising to Bermuda followed by a Caribbean cruise in January 2014. Past cruises have included Alaska and various destinations in the Caribbean, these cruises have added revenue to the general fund, supporting many programs.

I have organized a program for Social Dancers at the National Championship competitions which include social dances, social dance workshops and sightseeing.

Previously I was the Region 6 Vice President in 2001-2002 and served as the Area Coordinator for Florida chapters for 10 years (1999-2009) and continue to organize two social dance events each year in Florida, the Dance Spree and the Sebring Social.

I am a member of the Greater Daytona Chapter, and currently the chapter treasurer. I have also held the offices of President, Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster and on occasion has been the DJ.

I am also a contributing writer for the Socially Yours column for American Dancer magazine.

I look forward to serving another term as Social Vice President.



As the uncontested incumbent for the position of DanceSport-Vice President, I will not take a lot of time or words in this forum away from the other candidates. I encourage all of our members to take an active interest in USA Dance and to get involved in the election. Consider all of the choices carefully when making your voting decision. I also wish to thank all of our Social Dancers for their continued support of our DanceSport Programs.

It is an honor to be on the General Council of USA Dance and I am especially pleased to represent and serve all of those in the DanceSport Athletes and Professionals category of membership. I look forward to another term of office and continuing our efforts on behalf of DanceSport as well as our social dance programs.



Inna Brayer has served on the Governing Council (GC) of USA Dance, Inc. as DanceSport Delegate since 2008. She also assumed the newly created role of "Other Sports Liaison" within USA Dance's governing body.

At the age of 7, Inna began participating in competitive ballroom dancing and has held the title of U.S. National 10-Dance Champion multiple times. As an ambassador for USA Dance, Inc., she has also been ranked as high as ninth in the world, competing in six World Championships. Inna participated as a professional dancer on Season 7 of ABC-TV's "Dancing with the Stars" and was partnered with actor Ted McGinley. In 2008 Inna represented USA Dance, Inc. when she was featured on ABC-TV's "Good Morning America" discussing the upcoming National Championships and the benefits of ballroom dancing. She also served as the choreographer for the Rutgers University Ballroom Dance Team performance on Season 9 of "Dancing with the Stars." She is presently the coach of the current U.S. Junior Champions and enjoys her active involvement within USA Dance, Inc.

Inna attended the Mark Twain Middle School for the Gifted and Talented for her competencies in both dance and string instruments and graduated from Edward R. Murrow High School. She graduated from the Hunter College Quest School of Education in 2012 with a B.A. in English and Education. At Hunter, Inna served on the Search Committee for the new dean for the School of Education. Her goal is to develop educational programs for children which stimulate academic achievement through the incorporation of the arts.

She looks forward to another term as DanceSport Delegate and seeks your support and vote in the upcoming election.


My name is Scott Coates and I am running for re-election to The USA DanceSport Council because I want to continue the work I've put in to make our DanceSport competitions run more smoothly for our athletes. As a 5-time USA Dance Champion, I have attended many different competitions in most of the venues in the USA. Some were great and some weren't. Our Observer program has brought about many changes that have helped to correct this.

In the past five years as your delegate, I have been in charge of this Observer program. Each Observer is fully trained in respect to all of our rules. Once they are qualified, they are then assigned to a competition. There is now an official Observer at all of the NQE's and at Nationals.

The Observer co-ordinates with the Chair of Judges on any issues that arise during the competition and then makes a complete report to the DanceSport Council. Their report includes any violations that occurred as well as any suggestions they may have that can improve the competition. These reports are then reviewed by the DanceSport Council to determine what, if any, changes need to be made by that competition. The results are then conveyed to the Organizer.

I think that we have made huge strides forward in the past 5 years in improving our competitions, and I'd like to continue my work for the next 3 years. I would appreciate your vote.


My name is Edward Golbert and I ask for your vote for the position of DanceSport Delegate. I promise to provide a strong voice for all competitive athletes.

I began ballroom dancing at the age of four and it feels like I have been a member of USA Dance for almost as long. I have had the honor and privilege of traveling the country and the world competing at some of the most prestigious national and international competitions. Like most athletes, I have had my ups and downs but I continued to work hard and accomplished many goals throughout my career, including becoming a USA Dance National Champion, a Junior Blackpool Finalist, and a USA Dance World Team Member. Along with my partner Maryanna Krasko, this year I have the honor of representing the USA at the World Games in Columbia.

When not competing I coach many of tomorrow's champions at a studio in Brooklyn, NY. I'm also finishing my Exercise Science degree at Brooklyn College to be followed by a Masters in Occupational Therapy. Throughout the years USA Dance has been very supportive of my passion for dance. I believe that it is now time that I give back and put my skills and knowledge to use and continue the great work that has already been done in building a strong national dance organization that protects and supports their athletes.

As the athletes' voice on the DanceSport Council I plan to:

• Expand training programs to all World Team members and other interested athletes

• Recognize the hard work of all athletes and ensure we consider all finalists for spots on the World Team as they become available

• Continue to ensure open access to all competitions and

• Streamline and clarify the Proficiency Point System.

Please go to to learn more.


My vision of USA Dance is as an autonomous organization with judges and scrutineers certified by USA Dance. I would like to see expansion of our training programs to develop young athletes who are consistently competitive at World Championships. And we need to improve NQEs so that invigilation is more standardized, enhancing the experience for all.

I also want to grow the number of competitors at all levels and retain competitors as long as possible. Toward these goals, I have:

• Proposed "listed" (non-sanctioned) competitions, which have helped small competitions launch and become the seeds of future growth.

• Introduced and championed Senior 3 and 4 as "official" age categories, including their elevation to national championship status to keep our "seasoned dancers" engaged in competition.

• Promoted rule changes permitting formation of a Special Olympics division.

In my current DanceSport Council role, I work with organizers in the sanctioning process and to help maintain compliance with the rules.

My background includes:

• Danced championship level nearly 15 years and have won national titles in smooth, rhythm and 9-dance.

• Founded and was first president of the Heartland Chapter (Indianapolis).

• Helped start three additional Indiana chapters.

• Have been a key member of the organization team for 20+ local and NQE (Heartland Classic) competitions; helped organize the 1998 Nationals in Indy.

• Worked on the Nationals organizing committee for the last 6 years.

By day, I am a health analyst for a benefits firm, currently helping client companies analyze the impact of health care reform on their business.

By night and weekend, I am a passionate supporter of ballroom dance and USA Dance. To continue to serve our athletes, expand our competitions, and enhance our position on both the national and international dance fronts, I would appreciate your vote.


My name is Taras Savitskyy and I am a candidate for the position of DanceSport Delegate.

I was born in the Ukraine and began dancing at the age of 7 after moving to the United States. I entered my first competition at the age of 8 and have been competing ever since, placing in the Finals throughout most of my career. In the past few years I have traveled all over the world for various competitions. Among my recent successes are the 2013 USA Championships – Under 21 10-dance Champion and the 2013 USA Championships – Amateur 10-dance Champion.

With my knowledge of dance and my experience as an active competitor in the dancing community, I feel very qualified to represent and serve our DanceSport programs as a delegate. I will do my best to serve in this position and to represent USA Dance and the Governing Council in all that they do for our athletes and dancers. I promise to always give my best insight and opinions to help the Council and all of those who govern our organization.