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Public Eye July/August 2013

Angela Prince


The USA Dance 2013 National DanceSport Championships in Los Angeles were "livestreamed" on the internet for the first time in our history. USA Dance had considered the technology for several years, reviewed numerous proposals, but was essentially looking for a distinctively creative, technology-advanced resource that worked well in collaboration and willing to pioneer in a way never done in the dance industry – offering a more personal, dynamic livestream opportunity to all of our members and to the world – and, at least for this inaugural year, at no fee to the viewer.

We only had one week to get the word out once the deal was approved. But what dance organization has more than 22,000 members or the social media connection that we have in the U.S. or via our additional connection with the World DanceSport Federation and the U.S. Olympic Committee?

Paradigm Digital quickly produced for us a 30-second high-powered commercial incorporating 30 minutes of highlight footage from two previous USA Dance Nationals events.

Total viewer minutes 1,013,510
Total viewer streams 56,865

The USA Dance 2013 Nationals Livestream channel was created by Paradigm Digital and Access Dance on the USA Dance website which linked directly to the actual Livestream Channel. It was also uploaded to YouTube. So viewers could actually tune in from any of the three locations, but the promotional program directed them first to our website. Then, we launched our email and social media campaign pre-Nationals and throughout the three days at Nationals as Paradigm Digital filmed all of the evening competitions and two afternoon sessions.

No doubt, we knew the public relations value would be huge if we pulled it off. USA Dance members and supporters who had never attended Nationals could see first-hand the positive happening in DanceSport, families and friends of dancers who couldn't attend this year could see them in action; we'd reach new member prospects, our sponsors would get additional outreach, etcetera…but the PR door opened further and wider than expected.

If you watch reruns on the Livestream Channel now, you'll hear the emcees announcing every time we hit another 100,000 viewer minute mark or added a new country). Even the audience in their seats at Nationals began hitting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and texting friends, sending real-time photos to their connections.

Final record-breaking results? The USA Dance Nationals achieved more than one million thirteen thousand viewer minutes in April (and we're still counting)…and our livestreamed event reached 12 countries, primarily the USA, but achieving especially strong viewership in United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Italy, Peru, Argentina, Phillipines and Poland.

If you'd like to watch the re-runs of the USA Dance 2013 Nationals now, just visit home page, . . . and please share!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible – the Executive Committee for its approval, the DanceSport Council, Nationals Organizer and Volunteers, the WDSF, our dancers and audiences………together we made this happen!

Announcing Brand New Ernest Borel Fundraising

Incentive Program for USA Dance Members

In January, Ernest Borel announced a new funding program to support USA Dance. Although details will be officially determined by Fall, Ernest Borel will donate to USA Dance 20% of the retail cost of any of its watches sold to a USA Dance member (with active membership status) during 2013.

Essentially, if a watch retails for $500, the donation would be $100; and if the watch retails for $10,000, the donation would be $2,000. Needless to say, USA Dance is extremely pleased with this generous funding program and encourages members who would be buying a watch during the year, to consider the offerings of our sponsor Ernest Borel. Members can view the watch collections online at and either write to the company via its website "contact us" section or write to USA Business Development Manager Thomas Huggler

at for details.

Throughout the year, the support of Ernest Borel brings important funding to many USA Dance initiatives, including the support of the athlete training camp at the USOC training center held in May in Lake Placid, NY, scholarships for athletes, support to National Qualifying Events, advertising in American Dancer magazine and other programs.

New advertising by Ernest Borel will showcase USA Dance DanceSport couples as ambassadors later
in 2013.

USA Dance Adult Latin Dancesport Competitors

to Appear on Upcoming Lisa Oz Show

USA Dance often receives calls from television production companies and casting directors for dancers. We've auditioned for America's Got Talent and our dancers went to top 10 twice. We've had at least 30 or more of our dancers on Dancing With The Stars. Our member talent has also been on talk shows like Oprah, competitions like Maury Povich's Amazing Kids, reality tv like MTV's Made, and game shows on Nickelodeon TV, not counting the many newscasts and morning shows, sometimes teaching the news anchors to dance.

Right after Nationals, we received a quick turnaround casting call for two male dancers who could dance on a talk show with a guest author who became a ballroom dancer and the show's host. So we auditioned our new Latin Adult Champion Pasha Stepanchuk and Vice Champion, Nikita Malakhov, since they lived in the NYC area where the filming would occur…and they were selected.

DanceSport Council Member Inna Brayer (our former Adult 10-Dance National Champion), who also resides in NYC, helped the PR Director with recruiting the talent and then accompanied them to the tv studio to be sure everything went well. Sometime in the Fall, you'll see Pasha and Nikita on the new health and wellness Lisa Oz Show (Lisa is Dr. Oz's wife), produced by Veria Living.

According to Inna, Nikita and Pasha led the two ladies successfully in International Cha Cha, she also said Lisa Oz was a quick learner!


Since USA Dance celebrity ambassador Carrie Ann Inaba was unable to attend Nationals this year due to the death of her father, USA Dance invited ABC-TV Dancing With The Stars Judge Bruno Tonioli to serve as honorary judge and present the 2013 Star Quality Awards, along with USA Dance National Sponsor Ernest Borel.

And once again Nationals was further enriched by the experience. Not only did Bruno Tonioli bring his magnetic personality and expertise to this special award program, he also invited numerous Los Angeles and Hollywood celebrities to attend as his guests, and all were extremely impressed by our organization, the "real star" talent and the performances. Attending were Hollywood legendary movie and stage actress Anne Jeffries, also a Golden Globe Award winner, Emrhys Cooper, professional dancer and actor, Craig Young, CEO of Brits in LA, and Kim Morgan Green, award winning movie actress.

It was quite a week in LA, as USA Dance entertained numerous print, television and magazine media, in addition to ABC-TV's Dancing With The Stars production crew who filmed Val and Zendaya at Nationals Saturday night. We received great in-depth coverage by ABC-TV nightly news and had six dancers performing on Good Day LA, FOX TV and event highlights on Channel 6 Orange County. There was a great interview with Bruno at Nationals by Extra TV and write ups by several celebrity media – Beverly Hills Times, Hollywood Today included.

Beverly Hills Times story at