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Magazine » July August 2012 Issue » WDSF World Senior III Standard Championships

WDSF World Senior III Standard Championships

Michael Mecham
Date Published:
July 1, 2012

The first objective of USA Dance, according to their website, is "Educating the general public on how ballroom dancing, as a sport or activity, can greatly enhance the physical and mental well-being and health of its participants, regardless of age, ability or interest level." It is easy to see the physical prowess and enhanced health of a young competitor moving around the floor in a near blur of movement. What is even more impressive is to see similar movements displayed during the senior categories of competition. While more seasoned in years, the senior competitors work just as hard as their younger contemporaries despite some potential challenges that sometimes accompany a maturing life. Lonny Tsang is just one of many examples of these dedicated competitors.

For almost 15 years, Lonny and Susie Tsang have been dancing together. At the 2010 USA Dance National DanceSport Championships Lonny sustained a knee injury that made dancing impossible for over a year. Last August, he and his wife started working together again and at the 2012 USA Dance National DanceSport Championships they received second place in the Senior III Championship Standard competition. This was just the next step in their dancing career, and it was soon followed by their sixth world championship appearance with several other couples representing the United States.
Seven couples from the United States traveled to Mallorca, Spain to compete at the Senior III Standard World Championships. All of the couples that attended from the United States had competed at world championships before. While the United States does not often have a large number of couples represented at the world championships, they are always competitive with couples from other countries. This is largely due to the amount of effort and time that these couples put into their dancing. Whether a dancer is just stepping into their first social class or is building on a lifetime of passion, these seven couples represent the epitome of ballroom dancing.

Seven couples represented USA Dance out of 184 at the WDSF Open World Senior-3 Standard Championships. They were Lonny and Susie Tsang, who placed 17. The second couple was Hans and Ans Sotrk, who placed 27. The third couple was Glen Okazaki and Anne Ho, who placed 29. The fourth couple was Terry and Glendy Yeh, who placed 43. The fifth couple was Vince and Irina Feingold, who placed 66. The sixth couple was Winston and Lilly Chow, who placed 76. And the final couple
was Takeshi Kawaratani and Annie Chan, who
placed 101.