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Magazine » July August 2012 Issue » For our chapters who are in the public eye, or would just like a little more limelight!

For our chapters who are in the public eye, or would just like a little more limelight!

Angela Prince
Date Published:
July 1, 2012

With lots of events coming up, here are just a few publicity tips I'd like to share with our chapters to help better promote your activities, increase participation and get the public recognition you deserve.

Remember at the beginning of every school year, you had to write "what I did for summer vacation." Remember all the boring ones you had to listen to (of course, not yours)? That's not how your press releases and articles for American Dancer Magazine or any media need to read. Your job is to be a Headline Maker. Think like a celebrity and beyond the sometimes boring facts of what happened. What really made a difference about your event? What were the real special highlights? What was exciting, different and truly memorable? And what were people talking about the next day?

If it was no different than any other event, you really don't have a story. Find the real human angle or at least some wow factor. Think what you can do that no one else has ever done or simply tap into what's popular or of interest. And always find ways you can change people's lives through dance…forever.

Tip 2: THINK ENGAGING YOUR LOCAL MEDIA. Every invitation, press release, or announcement you send out needs to reach the right people or it may get trashed. In media, it's who you know that makes a difference. First, start by creating an accurate Media Who's Who List, perhaps in an Excel format. Never send emails alerts or press releases addressed to "whom it may concern" or "the editor." Everyone has a name, most have a title, and you really need to know them personally. Take time to get an actual copy of every print publication in your area. Google your local television and radio stations and visit their websites – then look for the News, Features, Social, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Business and City Desk Editors. Add lifestyle and social magazines editors. And, then don't forget about internet sites and bloggers writing about things to do in your area. Always know who's writing what topics. . .and especially who loves dance.

Now that you have a Great Media List (updated monthly), one caution for now – don't inundate your media with invitations, announcements or phone calls about ordinary things. For example, just having a dance isn't big news, but having a star performer or inviting your local senior center may be. Celebrating National Ballroom Dance Week and Olympic Day Celebrations are definitely big news – so consider inviting them to attend. It's all about engagement!

If you have any questions, always email me at