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USA Dance Greater NYC Chapter President Appears on Global Radio Show

Breanna Olaveson
Date Published:
January 1, 2012

Yang Chen, president of the Greater New York Chapter #3004, joined other dance representatives on Let’s Travel! Radio Oct. 20 to share—and further—the mission of USA Dance with people around the world.

“During the interview, I wanted to make sure we were getting the message out about ballroom dancing both in New York and across the country,” Yang says. “We wanted to get the word out about the mission of USA Dance—to improve the quantity and quality of ballroom dance in the United States.”

Let’s Travel! is a live radio talk show about travel and culture, and this installment was called “Dance Dance Dance.” Yang participated as an expert on ballroom dance and joined two other guests, Denise McClellan of the National Dance Association and Bea Becker of the American Dance Therapy Association, on the show.

As president of the Greater New York chapter of USA Dance, Yang had a unique ability to speak to ballroom dancing’s ability to cross all backgrounds and cultures. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, and Yang brought to the radio show the perspective of one who has seen ballroom dance bridge gaps between people of different backgrounds.

Members of USA Dance themselves are very diverse. Dancers travel around the world for competitions, and individual members travel with the organization. Everywhere they go, ballroom dancers learn the power dancing has to bridge gaps between people—even if you don’t speak the language of a place, you can always communicate through dance.

“Dance is a universal language throughout the world,” says Angela Prince, public relations director of USA Dance, who arranged the interview. “The radio station gave us an opportunity to talk about the way dance unifies people and our role as USA Dance.”

Let’s Travel! is a live radio broadcast , but episodes are also available online. This gives the show a global reach and allows for greater flexibility in sharing individual episodes, thus spreading the word about USA Dance to people all over the world.

“I, for one, am a big believer in the power of the internet,” Yang says. “When we started recording the show, I shared the link on Facebook so people could listen to it live. As soon as the broadcast was available on their website, I posted it on Facebook and Twitter. I used as many ways as possible to get the word out. My hope is that other people will spread the word.”

USA Dance members can help share the mission of USA Dance by sharing the podcast of the radio show (available at and by following Yang’s lead in taking opportunities to talk to the media about why they love dancing.

“Whenever a chapter president or someone in leadership of a chapter is invited to speak about USA Dance and educate the public, I think they should do it,” Yang says. “It can only help us pursue our mission, and perhaps it will lead to new members joining. It’s a tool for growing membership, public education and general publicity. If USA Dance can do a part to spread the word, we should do it.”

Issue: Jan/Feb. 2012