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the Public Eye

Angela Prince
Date Published:
September 10, 2011

It's Business as Usual at USA Dance

The USA Dance website is our member’s best resource and archive of all important matters concerning our members – both social and dancesport. All of the letters and responses from USA Dance regarding the recent NDCA membership suspension can be found on the website.

From Lydia Scardina, President of USA Dance Inc. –

“At this time, USA Dance would like to assure all of its members – individual dancers, leaders for our 180 chapters and our DanceSport athletes –– that in spite of the NDCA’s decision to suspend our organization, USA Dance and all of its programs and activities will continue as they have in the past, without interruption and with the continuing support from our National organization.

“We realize that the confusion created by the NDCA’s public announcement surrounding our “suspension” has triggered many questions and concerns, but at USA Dance, it is business as usual. We are an independent, self-governing organization. Our membership in the NDCA has always been a voluntary and willing participation, and we viewed it as a part of our contribution to sustaining goodwill and positive relationships within the fast-growing dance world.

“USA Dance as a non-profit organization has always represented the best interests of competitors and social dancers across America. Our prevailing mission remains unaltered -- to increase and improve ballroom dancing opportunities throughout our country, and for all Americans.”

Read Full Releases at

Dancing For America TM Once Again in the Caribbean

USA Dance successfully launched its Dancing For America TM ambassador program on board our organization’s first National Dance Cruise in November 2010. As we sailed the western Caribbean to various island ports, we carried the message and passion of our dancing to others.

Helping Our 180 Chapters Maximize Media Publicity Opportunities

If your Chapter has an important event coming up, such as National Ballroom Dance Week, and you would like a current Media Contact list for your local area, please write to Angela Prince at publicrelations-dir@usadance. On the subject line, please reference USA DANCE - CHAPTER NAME - Media List Request for CITY/TOWN Name. Then in the email body, please explain your event, plans for publicity and goals.

Key Resources for Chapter Social Media Pages & Sites

USA Dance Chapters are encouraged to create their social media presence on Facebook, joining nearly 100 of our Chapters already. Our Administrative Support Director Efrosyni Iosiphidis is available to help chapters set up and improve their pages, particularly on setting up the account and privacy controls. Please email her at

If you search for chapter model websites on Facebook, you may see some variations on a theme – we are working as quickly as possible to bring consistency among our chapter sites – proper branding and USA Dance chapter logo use are top priorities.

Please note that at this time, chapters are not approved for Twitter and MySpace Accounts, but are approved for local chapter websites, provided they comply with Nationals guidelines and policies. Please contact Senior VP Bill Rose at for guidance and questions regarding chapter websites do’s and don’t’s.

Linked In Social Media – Great Business Connections
for Members Involved In The Dance Industry

Already 120 million people are connected on Linked In, a fast growing “business social media” site. It’s becoming a valuable resource for dancers and those in the business and promotion of dance as well.

USA Dance has an important administrative presence on Linked In. If you’re interested in being part of this growing connection, please request to join Group Pages USA DANCE INC and/or DANCESPORT CONNECTION.

The USA Dance Inc group is open to members and all others throughout the USA, who want to follow USA Dance news and discussions. Although we hope that members will officially join the National organization to help support programs, the LinkedIn membership is free.

The DanceSport Connection group is open to anyone involved in dance throughout the world. Members include professional and amateur dancers; studios and dance product retailers; competition event organizers; national and world dance association members and leadership; dance media; dance non-profit organizations and arts councils; and the list goes on. Discussions are normally about universal topics of interest, and there’s a “jobs” and “promotions” section for members to list those opportunities. Nearly 400 DanceSport Connection members now represent states throughout the USA, but also hail from countries around the globe -- including China, Trinidad, New Zealand, Ghana, Brazil, Netherlands, Uganda, Sweden, the U.K., Germany, Spain, Canada, France, Argentina, India, Serbia, Australia, Switzerland...and the list goes on.

Social Media Site:

USA Dance Star Search – Be A YouTube Sensation

We thought it was about time that a USA Dance member became a real YouTube sensation – a real viral star that gets millions of hits and fans!

Maybe you have your own choreography to showcase? A unique story to tell? Maybe you can just come up with the craziest (or dumbest), the funniest (or saddest), the wildest (sorry, but cleanest) dance routine to ever hit the Tube.

USA Dance has a YouTube Channel – usadanceinc. First join as a subscriber; then get to work creating your debut video clip. We’ll showcase you on the Channel and help drive some traffic your way.

Two requirements from USA Dance – the title on YouTube must have the name USA Dance in it and somewhere in the video, the USA Dance name or logo appears.

If you want to check out all the “dancers” on YouTube that became sensations, go to YouTube and search for these videos:

Evolution of Dance 180 million views
Where The Hell is Matt? 39 million views
Thriller (prison inmates) 49 million views
Baby Dancing to Beyonce 22 million views
Barack Obama on Ellen 11 million views
Dancing Merengue Dog 11 million views

Wow! Isn’t it time real dancers find their fame and fortune on YouTube?