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Ballroom World Dance Book By Allen Darnel

Jean Krupa

I had the honor of being asked to review the 3rd edition of "Ballroom World" a collection of works by well known student dancers and notable professionals in the world of Ballroom dancing in America compiled by Allen Darnel.

It covers the why and how we learn to social dance, compete, become an instructor, organize competitions and even a look into running a successful studio. This book could easily be nicknamed the "Ballroom Bible". It has valuable information for beginners and is a walk down memory lane with over 300 photos for those who have been involved with dance for many years.

It has a very handy reference section with the history and explanation of the dances and also details on the various dance organizations in
the U.S.

Mr. Darnell has been in the dance industry for over 53 years and was fortunate to have started at a very young age; he managed the largest dance studio in Houston TX in the 70's which employed nearly 100 instructors; he has met, taught or danced with the best ballroom and Latin dancers in the U.S. and Britain and has also authored "Two Left Feet".

This is a very handy reference book with valuable information to all Ballroom dancers. It is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and would make a terrific gift or addition to your library.